Counterfeit Coupon Scam Fraud – Major Arrest in Arizona

Robin Ramirez, Amiko Fountain, and Marilyn Johnson were arrested by the Phoenix Police Department which executed search warrants at three locations as part of a multi-agency investigation of an alleged organized criminal enterprise that sold counterfeit coupons via, eBay, and other Internet venues. Four properties and 21 vehicles were seized during the raid. If convicted on all charges, the defendants face prison time and numerous financial penalties, including, but not limited to, fines and restitution. Please support websites and blogs that adhere to the couponing code of ethics at Yes! You can save hundreds of dollars a month ETHICALLY by following our system Check out our new Price Watcher service – which has been getting plenty of buzz. It’s the first of its kind on the PLANET! You can be among the first to know of the hottest deals on the special products YOU want. No more searching for coupons or deals – or logging in to a website every day. Just set your watches and relax. Well do the work for you! Watch a video here This is a real GAME CHANGER in the world of couponing and money savings – and we’re thrilled to have created this innovation.

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